Yacht Surveys

Pre-purchase surveys / Valuations

Pre-purchase surveys or valuations are part of our usual service portfolio.

A pre-purchase survey is a comprehensive type of inspection and is highly recommended when purchasing a new or used vessel.

The structural integrity, condition and overall operation of the yacht are examined. All on-board systems are examined, the propulsion systems, rigging, generators or other aggregates, electrical systems, electronics and navigational equipment, cosmetic appearance, and general maintenance condition.

Ein Vor-Kauf-Gutachten ist kein bestandener oder nicht bestandener Test, sondern soll Ihnen helfen, eine Entscheidung darüber zu treffen, wie Sie vorgehen möchten. Wenn Sie überlegen, eine Yacht zu kaufen, können die Ergebnisse unseres Gutachtens den wahrgenommenen Wert des Bootes beeinflussen. Daher ist ein Vor- Kauf- Gutachten ein wichtiger Bestandteil der Kaufverhandlungen.

In many cases, insurance companies or registration authorities often require reports on the technical condition of the yacht.



Sea trial

Although sea trials are often part of a full condition survey, it is recommended that a sea trial is carried out after repairs or refits.

A pre-purchase survey is usually combined with a sea trial, during which the operation of all equipment, the machinery and systems, as well as the performance and seakeeping of the yacht are verified.

For sailing yachts, the setting and testing of the sails is carried out. Only a sea trial gives the possibility to get a statement about the handling of the yacht when used at sea, vibrations, smoking engines, a loose or not tuned rig, a leaking shaft seal or something the client should be aware of.

Insurance Survey

We carry out this type of survey to meet the requirements of your insurer.

It is used to determine if the vessel is an acceptable risk. Many of the elements of a pre-purchase survey are examined, the structural integrity, the condition and safety of the vessel for its intended use, as well as the propulsion system and all systems are checked. A hull inspection ashore is usually required.

Most insurance companies require a current insurance survey for older boats or when changing the insurer.

Yacht surveys in the event of damage

Damage assessments on boats and yachts are one of our main activities.

Damage to technical components, engines and gearboxes, to the hull, rigging or electronics are just as much a part of our daily work as fire damage or burglary and theft damage. All findings and information of the parties involved in the incident are recorded and presented in a report with pictures and, if necessary, other informative attachments (tables, map extracts, sketches, translations of protocols).

The report will indicate the cause of the damage, the extent, the costs of a repair, as well as instructions for further work. If the need arises, further experts will be called in to deal with the damage.

Condition Report / Partial Survey

Condition reports describe the ascertained technical condition of a yacht or its components.

They can be used as a starting point before major refits, or to establish a condition, initiate complaints or warranty claims. Partial surveys are tailored to your specific requirements. For example, the hull structure, rigging, engines or other systems may be the subject of a detailed survey.