Valuation survey

Valuation surveys are part of our usual service portfolio. A pre-purchase survey is the most comprehensive type of inspection and is strongly recommended when purchasing a new or used yacht. A haul out and bottom inspection is also strongly advised. The inspection examines everything if it can be accessed non-destructively, without dis assembly or the use of tools to provide access. The vessels structural integrity, condition, and overall operation are examined. All on board systems are examined, such as: the electrical systems, the propulsion system, the fuel system, the generators or other machinery, the electronics and the navigation equipment, the cosmetic appearance and overall maintenance condition.
The Pre-Purchase survey report is not a pass or fail test but is to assist you to come to a decision on how you wish to proceed. If you are considering buying a boat the results of the survey may alter her perceived value and therefore the survey report will be an important part of the purchase negotiations.

Partial Survey

Partial survey are, compared to full - or insurance surveys, of a specific scope. Partial surveys can be specified to your requirements. In particular, the hull structure, rig, engines or other systems may be the subject of a detailed survey.

Condition survey

Condition survey report describes the seen technical condition of the yacht. They serve as a starting point for major refits or for determining a condition for the initiation of complaints or warranty claims.
With the preparation of condition reports before the end of contracts or or warranty periods, in order to avoid later complaints, we are in every way professional and competent at your disposal.

Sea Tials

Although test drives are often part of a full condition survey, it is recommended that you carry out a test drive after repairs or retrofits A Pre-Purchase Survey will usually have a sea trial associated with it, and involves the demonstration of, and operation of, all of equipment, machinery, systems, and the hoisting and testing of sails.
Only sea trial gives an opinion about general operation, vibration and or smoking engines, a loose or un-tuned rig, weeping shaft seal, or something that the owner or seller is to aware.

Damage survey

Damage surveys on boats and yachts are our main activity. Damage to technical components, engines and transmissions, to the hull, rig or electronics are just as much a part of our everyday work as fire damage or burglary and theft. All findings and information of those involved in the case are recorded and presented in a report with pictures and other meaningful attachments (tables, extracts, sketches, translations of minutes). In the report are given, the cause of damage, extent, cost of repair and instructions for further processing. If necessary, additional experts will be called in, to deal extensively with the case.

Insurance Survey

We will carry out this type of survey to fulfil the requirements of your insurer. It is used to determine if the ship is an acceptable risk. Many of the elements of a pre-purchase survey are examined, the structural integrity, condition and safety of the ship for its intended use as well as the propulsion and all systems are reviewed. A haul out and bottom inspection is usually required. Most insurance companies require a current insurance survey on older yachts, or when changing under writers.