Professional ● Competently ● Reliable

Who gives his yacht out of the hands, do not want to leave anything to chance.
As a yacht owner, I know the feeling well. For this reason, we have made it our mission to carry out your yacht transfer exactly to your wishes, carefully, professionally and discreetly.
We do not leave anything to chance.

As a technically experienced skipper with over 25 years of experience with motor and sailing yachts, we also transfer your yacht.

Professional, Competently and Reliable:

        • before the transfer: technical inspection of the yacht for seaworthiness, check of safety equipment and all rescue equipment, including documentation,
        • Crew recruitment if needed
        • Preparation of the yacht
        • Completion of administrative matters
          with port and customs authorities
        • Periodical position updates via GPS tracking system
        • Reestablishing the operational readiness of the yacht after the transfer
        • Renewed technical inspection of seaworthiness, safety equipment and rescue equipment, including documentation after transfer
        • Complete cleaning or swept-clean leaving the yacht

An individual care of your yacht gives you the security.

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