Technical Management

Our mission is to assist the yacht owners and to maintain or improve the technical and aesthetic condition of your yacht.
For this we check your yacht regularly. During this review we go through an extensive checklist and inspect all the important technical elements of your yacht.
We will inform you regularly about the general condition of your yacht and the necessity of repairs. We coordinate and monitor the routine maintenance and technical work aboard yachts.
• Technical Management
• Organization of maintenance / refit work
• Advance planning of maintenance work (Planned Maintenance)
• and other things

Administrative Management

As a yacht owner you can enjoy your free time in an exclusive way.
But you should keep in mind that a yacht also carries out administrative and technical tasks that are necessary and, in some cases, also complex.
We take care of these logistic and administrative tasks discreetly and in the background, to ensure you a carefree time on board.

Planned Maintenance System

We have extensive experience in setting up a Planned Maintenance System on your yacht.
We will record each maintenance task that needs to be performed on each vessel on the ship and include it in our powerful software. A good PMS allows you to have a complete overview and control of whether each device is being maintained as it is prescribed and optimizes the chances of not having major technical problems while using your yacht.

For example, on an average 40-meter yacht there are about 200 elements (engines, equipment, systems, components and equipment) for which about 500 maintenance work must be planned. This must be clearly organized and planned.

We are happy to help you to clarify your doubts or questions.